How To Use Lucky Patcher Apk -Guide To Use Lucky Patcher For Android & iOS:

How to use lucky patcher: want to know how to use lucky patcher? We all know that everyone has a smart device in this modern era. The Internet is the largest network throughout the world, and almost every work needs the internet to maintain the global database to access these data from anywhere in the world. It is really easy for the user who has Android devices as compared to Windows users because there are several applications that are available in the play store for this purpose. check out this article and learn How to use Lucky Patcher apk for android and iOS.


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How To Use Lucky Patcher Total Guide

We all are using many applications in our mobile phones, but every application requires certain data to work whether it is gallery items, your phone status or your location. Now, it is obvious that everyone does not want to share their details or personal/confidential details with any third party application. You do not have to worry because we have an application(App) that will take care of all these problems named “Lucky Patcher”


Features And Uses Of Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher app is an application that gives you the real-time command(up to 90 % of control) over permissions or third-party app present on your Android device. Apart from that Lucky patcher not only give you the option to restrict the permissions to an application according to your choice but also it provides you the option to create the backup of any other application installed on your device. Lucky patcher apk can also be used to block or delete the excessive advertisement. So, you get all of these benefits by just using one application.


How To Use Lucky Patcher Apk or App:

Now let’s move towards the installation part and we will also see how to make use of lucky patcher. The only problem people suffer is that you will be required to have a rooted device in order to enjoy the fullest of the given features. But not everyone is ready to root their device, it may also affect the warranty of the device. Here is the best method to install and use lucky patcher without rooting your device.

  • Download the latest version of lucky patcher (Download APK file). Install app file.
  • Since you are not downloading it from the play store. So, you need to allow installation from unknown sources by going to the device settings for android phones.
  • After the installation, open the lucky patcher application and click on any application that you wish to modify.
  • After you select the app, you will see various options like ‘app info’, ‘launch app’… etc  From that, you have to click on “open menu of patches”
  • The last step is to click on create modified.apk.




How To Use Lucky Patcher & Apply Custom Patch To Lucky Patcher:

Click on “custom patch applied Apk”, after that, you will see the custom patch description, click on ‘apply’

After that lucky patcher will automatically create the modified APK file for that application

If your window appears to be red in color then your process is failed and if the window appears in green color then your process succeeded.

Click on rebuilt and install

Now the last step is to click on the application and click on install.


How To Remove Google Ads In Lucky Patcher app:

For this features you have to click on “APK without google ads” and after that click on rebuilt the app.

Now wait for some time and lucky patcher apk/ will create the modified Apk file for that application

Similarly, Green and a red window will decide to whether your process succeeded or failed.

Tap on rebuild and install

Now the last step is to click on the application and click on install

by this way, you can use lucky patcher apk for Android.


How To Remove License Verification In Lucky Patcher app/apk:

Click on the “APK without License verification”

Now you have to follow the same steps that you have followed while removing the google ads

After following those steps click on the application name and then click on install.

This is the brief method to use Lucky Patcher app/apk.

So here is the total step by step guide and detailed explanation of how to use lucky patcher if you still have any quires comment below.