Lucky Patcher For iOS : Download Lucky Patcher ios For iPhone & iPad

Lucky Patcher For iOS is one of the best Patcher application for iDevices. You can Download Lucky Patcher For iOS through the custom app store as it not available on Apple App Store. Which means it actually isn’t available for Apple Device but can be used with some software on your Windows and Mac Computers with a iOS GUI. You can Download Lucky Patcher ios Without Jailbreak. It works all fine on the Windows and Mac and gives a true feeling of using the same on a iOS based Device. Lucky Patcher App for ios and iPhone is available for free and can be used to Patch games as well as Ads on Apple IOS Interface on Windows as well as Mac computer. download luckypatcher for ios latest version from here.

Lucky Patcher for iOS iPhone & iPad Download Latest Version:

Lucky Patcher ios offers a lot of amazing features, some of them being able to block all ads from your smartphone or iOS device, extend trail period of apps and use it for a lifetime, etc. This app is packed with all these amazing features which will blow your mind. I am now sure that after hearing all these amazing and mind-blowing features of Lucky Patcher, you are now very excited to download this app on your iOS device. However, there’s a catch. As we all know this app was solely released for Android devices, there is no official iOS version of this app. But you need not worry as we are here to solve your problem. You can also get the lucky patcher for iOS App in the iOS app store.

All you have to do to download this fantastic app is that you have to follow the below-given steps correctly and you will have the lucky patcher app installed within 2 minutes.

To Download Lucky Patcher for IOS, you will be required to have a Windows or Mac computer with at least 2 GB of Ram and free space of 10 GB on the disk. If you are compatible with the above requirements then you’re all set to go with installing Lucky Patcher IOS on your PC. The Software which we will be using to Download Lucky Patcher is XPadian. You might have heard before about the application. It is an IOS emulator which has its own Apple Store which lets you download and install all kind of application without jailbreaking your iDevices. So, without wasting more time let’s read some of the features of Lucky Patcher For iDevices.

Features Of Lucky Patcher iOS:

  • It can be used to Patch all kind of applications either it is an application containing Ads in it or else have some premium version. All can be done with Lucky Patcher.
  • With Lucky Patcher, you can get all In-App Purchases for free. All you need to do is just Download Lucky Patcher For IOS and boom.
  • You can add an unlimited number of gems, coins, gold or whatever currency is used in Game. All you need to have knowledge about the maximum number of digit it’s liable for, like Dr. Driving can have maximum 10 digits in coins. The maximum it can show is 9999999999.
  • You can download all the paid applications on your phone and remove the license verification from it and get it for free.
  • Lucky Patcher has already been a success to Android users and this time its turn for IOS device to flatter and test the Patcher Application. This application is available for free and a few steps from you to install and test it on IOS.

Lucky Patcher App For IOS Downloading Steps:

  • Step 1 : First, you will be required to Download Xpadian an IOS emulator for Windows and Mac computers. You can download it from their official or else you can also download the same from here.
  • Step 2 : After downloading Xpadian on your PC you will be required to login into Apple account in order to start using the application to Download and install IOS apps and test them on your PC.
  • Step 3 : After Logging into your Apple Account you will be required to open Custom Apple Store present in the Xpadian emulator.
  • Step 4 : Now, You will be required to search for Lucky Patcher for ios in it and Download the very first application which comes in the search results. But before downloading check the app properly if it’s Lucky Patcher for ios or any other application having same name and Logo.
  • Step 5 : After you Download Lucky Patcher On IOS you will be required to Download some games to test applications. For example, you can download Dr. Driving.
  • Step 6 : After Dr. Driving Completes downloading you will be required to open Lucky Patcher and select Dr. Driving in it and click on Remove Ads, Add Game Currency, and other option present their to have complete use of the application over IOS Devices.

Finally! You will be able to use Lucky Patcher on your IOS Device that too free without Jailbreaking and other stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lucky Patcher iOS:

#1. Can I hack into all games and increase my points and coins?
-> No, you will not be able to hack into all games and increase your points and coins. For Lucky Patcher to work flawlessly, it requires the target game to save its content offline. If the game keeps its content offline, you are good to go, but if it saves its content online, then you cannot hack into the game.

#2. Will Lucky Patcher eliminate all advertisements from my apps?

-> Yes, lucky patcher will eliminate all advertisements from your apps and games. You won’t see a single Ad in your device.

#3. I’m not able to install the app. Please help.

-> If the app isn’t installing on your device it may be because the apk file may have been corrupted. Make sure you run a full system scan to search out for malware and viruses and then download a fresh copy of the app once they are eliminated. Scanning your system and clearing it up will most likely fix the issue. Now you should be able to install the app successfully on your iOS device.


Lucky Patcher Apk for ios is easy to use, just follow the above steps. Thanks for reading.even if you face any problem regarding lucky patcher ios app let me know in comments, I would be helping you to solve it

Lucky Patcher Apk : Download Latest Version For Android

Lucky Patcher Apk: Lucky Patcher is one of the finest Patching applications. It can be used for patching any kind of application on Android. Either it’s a not supported application or an application full of Ads. Everything can be done using Lucky Patcher to make sure you get most out of the application. It can be used to Patch all kind of Games except some online PVP Games as they are connected to the online servers so whenever you will go online everything the game will be back to saved game data found on the game’s server. But it works like a charm for all the offline games as well as utility applications. dwnload Lucky Patcher Apk latest version from here.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download For Android

To Download Lucky Patcher Apk you will be required to have a rooted Android Device. If you don’t have any rooted Android Device then you will not be able to Download Lucky Patcher Apk Latest Version. But, yes if you want to root your mobile phone to start using lucky patcher on it then you can follow the Rooting Guide given below which will help you in rooting of your Android Device. Before you proceed to the downloading part let’s check some features of this application which make it more interesting.

Features of lucky patcher apk:

  • Lucky Patcher has a very easy to understand Graphic User Interface which means even a new person can start using it without any Guide.
  • Lucky Patcher can patch all kind of applications either it is showing a not compatible problem or else have Ads in it or anything. It can help you with most the best things for making a free application into to paid one.
  • Lucky Patcher is a free application but isn’t available on Google Play Store because of violation of Google Policies.
  • You can use the application to get in-app purchases for free. All you need to do is go through the app and click on all the options which come up while selecting any application.

Root Your Mobile With Framaroot

  • Step 1 : First, You will be required to Download Framaroot Apk on your Android Mobile. You can click here to instantly start the download.
  • Step 2 : After Download completes you will be required to Download SuperSu through Google Play Store. After installing both the applications you will be required to follow the steps given below.
  • Step 3 : Now, You will be required to open Framaroot on your Phone and select SuperSu from the Dropdown menu. After selecting SuperSu you will be required to click on Root.

So, after you receive a successful root message you will be required to restart your mobile once to complete the root process.


Lucky Patcher Apk Download


  • Step 1 : First, You will be required to Download Lucky Patcher Apk from their official website. If you don’t find any working link on their official website then you can download the apk file from any mirror site. In case you don’t find any working link on both of these or feel lazy finding it out then you can click here to start your download through the official servers of Lucky Patcher Apk.
  • Step 2 : After Downloading the Lucky Patcher Apk you will be required to open the Downloads Folder on your Phone and search for Apk File which you download just now and install it on your Phone.
  • Step 3 : After Successful installation, you will be required to open the application and grant root access to it.
  • Step 4 : After granting the root access. You’re all done to start patching your Applications and Games on Android For Free using Lucky Patcher.

To Patch any application or game you will be required to open Lucky Patcher select the application which you want to patch and then select the patches through the option which comes on selecting the app.

Lucky Patcher No Root V(6.5.0) 2017 Free Download

lucky patcher no root: We hope you all know about the lucky patcher app no root which is used to eliminate the unwanted google ads in android applications, games. In general most of the android games are addictive and complex to play where you can’t go through all the levels. For that Lucky patcher noroot app is very useful with which you can easily cross the levels in games like temple run, climb racing, subway surfers etc. With this app you can hack the Android games very simply for unlimited scores and points. It is known that to install this app in your smartphone you need to root the device to avail all the features provided by the application. But with out rooting also you can easily install it by downloading and avail the features, here in this article we are trying to provide the information for the same. you can install lucky patcher without rooting very easily, just follow the below-given steps.


Lucky Patcher No Root

Lucky Patcher No Root For Non Rooted Devices:

  1. You can download the APK file of the lucky patcher from our website simply.
  2. Allow installations from unknown sources on your device settings and install the application.
  3. Open the app and tap on the application that you want to modify.
  4. Now you will see the app information, launch the app and tap on “open menu of patches”.
  5. Then click on the create modified.apk on the upcoming window.

With this application you can apply custom patch, remove google ads, remove license verification with the following procedures.

Custom Patch No Root Required:

  1. Click on “custom patch-applied APK”, then you will find custom patch description, tap apply.
  2. Lucky patcher creates a modified. APK file of the respective game or application by taking some time.
  3.  If the above-mentioned process is success it will show you a green window otherwise, shows a red window.
  4. Click on the rebuild and install, lucky patcher, tap on the application or game that you modified.
  5. Tap on the app/game and install it.
  6. You will find some screenshots after this entire procedure as it is completed.

Remove ads Using Lucky Patcher No Root:

  1. Tap on the option ” APK without google ads” and rebuild the app.
  2. Lucky patcher application will creates a modified APK file of the particular app or game which consumes some time.
  3. If the process is succeeded you will see an window in green color, if not it will sho an window of red color.
  4. Then click on the rebuild and install, tap on the app that you want to make the changes.
  5. Now tap on the game or application and install it.
  6. Thats all. Process is completed and you will find some screen shots.

Remove License Verification Using Lucky Patcher No Root:

  1. Tap on “APK without license verification” initially.
  2. Lucky patcher no root application will creates an modified APK file of the particular app or game which consumes some time.
  3. If the process is succeeded you will see an window in green color, if not it will sho an window of red color.
  4. Then click on the rebuild and install, tap on the app that you want to make the changes.
  5. Now tap on the game or application and install it.
  6. Thats all. Process is completed and you will find some screen shots.

How to Hack In App Purchases In Lucky Patcher:

  1. Download the lucky patcher no root application.
  2. After download open the application.
  3. Close the lucky patcher application and open the app or game that you want to hack in app purchases.
  4. Move to buying area, click on option “Buy”.
  5. Then you will see an lucky patcher window asking ” do you want to get this item for free?”
  6. You can get every thing free by just clicking on yes on above window.


With this article you will be able to get many items for free of cost with the help of lucky patcher on non rooted android devices. This app is very safe and simple and we are trying to provide the more information about safest applications like lucky patcher. We hope this article helps you to get the things done simply, if you still face any problems let us know through your comments and we will respond soon.

How To Use Lucky Patcher Apk -Guide To Use Lucky Patcher For Android & iOS

how to use lucky patcher: want to know how to use lucky patcher? We all know that everyone has a smart device in this modern era. The Internet is the largest network throughout the world, and almost every work needs the internet to maintain the global database to access these data from anywhere in the world. It is really easy for the user who has Android devices as compared to Windows users because there are several applications that are available in the play store for this purpose. check out this article and learn How to use Lucky Patcher apk for android and iOS.

How to use lucky patcher

How to use Lucky Patcher

How To Use Lucky Patcher Total Guide

We all are using many applications in our mobile phones, but every application requires certain data to work whether it is gallery items, your phone status or your location. Now, it is obvious that everyone does not want to share their details or personal/confidential details with any third party application. You do not have to worry because we have an application(App) that will take care of all these problems named “Lucky Patcher”

Features And Uses Of Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher app is an application that gives you the real-time command(up to 90 % of control) over permissions or third-party app present on your Android device. Apart from that Lucky patcher not only give you the option to restrict the permissions to an application according to your choice but also it provides you the option to create the backup of any other application installed on your device. Lucky patcher apk can also be used to block or delete the excessive advertisement. So, you get all of these benefits by just using one application.

How To Use Lucky Patcher Apk or App:

Now let’s move towards the installation part and we will also see how to make use of lucky patcher. The only problem people suffer is that you will be required to have a rooted device in order to enjoy the fullest of the given features. But not everyone is ready to root their device, it may also affect the warranty of the device. Here is the best method to install and use lucky patcher without rooting your device.

  • Download the latest version of lucky patcher (Download APK file). Install app file.
  • Since you are not downloading it from the play store. So, you need to allow installation from unknown sources by going to the device settings for android phones.
  • After the installation, open the lucky patcher application and click on any application that you wish to modify.
  • After you select the app, you will see various options like ‘app info’, ‘launch app’… etc  From that, you have to click on “open menu of patches”
  • The last step is to click on create modified.apk
How to use lucky patcher

How to use lucky patcher

How To Use Lucky Patcher & Apply Custom Patch To Lucky Patcher:

  • Click on “custom patch applied Apk”, after that, you will see the custom patch description, click on ‘apply’
  • After that lucky patcher will automatically create the modified APK file for that application
  • If your window appears to be red in color then your process is failed and if the window appears in green color then your process succeeded.
  • Click on rebuilt and install
  • Now the last step is to click on the application and click on install

How To Remove Google Ads In Lucky Patcher app:

  • For this features you have to click on “APK without google ads” and after that click on rebuilt the app.
  • Now wait for some time and lucky patcher apk/ will create the modified Apk file for that application
  • Similarly, Green and a red window will decide to whether your process succeeded or failed.
  • Tap on rebuild and install
  • Now the last step is to click on the application and click on install
  • by this way, you can use lucky patcher apk for Android.

How To Remove License Verification In Lucky Patcher app/apk:

  • Click on the “APK without License verification”
  • Now you have to follow the same steps that you have followed while removing the google ads
  • After following those steps click on the application name and then click on install.
  • This is the brief method to use Lucky Patcher app/apk.

So here is the total step by step guide and detailed explanation of how to use lucky patcher if you still have any quires comment below.

Lucky Patcher Hack: Make in-App Purchase With Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Hack: Lucky Patcher App is an android app which acts as a hacking tool. It can be used to get free in-app purchases, ad-free contents, free license verification and much more. This app is mainly available for the Android Smartphones but you can also use it on your PC using Android Emulator like Bluestacks. Here we will tell you how to install and use Lucky Patcher App on android smartphones.

Lucky Patcher Hack for android/ios devices:

The Lucky Patcher App is available for free to download. This is a hacking tool, so you need to use it cautiously. Here we list some cool features of the app:

  • Use the app to get free in-app purchases
  • Premium Applications license bypass
  • Get ad-free content
  • Modify app permissions
  • Customize your apps to use them your way

Lucky Patcher Hack & Make in-App Purchases:

The most important thing required to install Lucky Patcher App on your android smartphone is that your smartphone should be rooted i.e. it should have root access. If your smartphone is not rooted you can always root it using rooting apps. The best root app available is KingRoot as it does not need a PC for rooting and it also supports a maximum number of phones.

Download and install Lucky Patcher Hack  on Your Smartphone:

You can follow the below procedure to install Lucky Patcher app on your smartphone.

  • First of all, download the APK file of Lucky Patcher App from the internet. Since the app is not officially available on Google Play Store, you have to download it from the internet. Make sure your phone is rooted before you go to the next step.
  • Now, click on the Lucky Patcher APK to open it. It will ask permission for root access. You should grant root access to use the app.

You have successfully installed the Lucky Patcher App. Now you can use it to get free in-app purchases, ad-free content and much more. We will discuss on how to avail the features of the app.

Hacking the in-app purchases of any app Using Lucky Patcher Hack:

Here we will tell you how you can use this app to hack the in-app purchases of any other app.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher app and search for Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the Google Play Store and select to open patch menu.
  • You will get a warning that it is a system app, just press OK.
  • Select custom patch.
  • Select the patch named as “”. Tap Apply to select the given patch.
  • Restart your device to apply the changes.

After you have hacked the Google Play Store, you can try to hack any other app. Consequently, your chances of success are higher.

Hacking other apps using the Lucky Patcher hack:

  • First, open the Lucky Patcher app and grant permission for root access.
  • Now open the app where you want to get free in-app purchases.
  • Go to the buy section and buy anything you want.
  • Now, instead of the Google In-App purchase window, the lucky Patcher window will open.
  • Select “yes” when the message “Do you want to get this app for free?” is shown.
  • After you are done with this, the purchase is done and the bought feature starts downloading.


Using the Lucky Patcher App you can hack the applications on your android smartphone to get the premium features for free. It is a great app for the android users. Download the apk now and get started. this is all about lucky patcher hack. if you have any doubts regarding lucky patcher hack article do comment below we will clarify your doubts. thanks for reading the article.


PPSSPP Gold Apk : Download v1.4-2 For Android & iOS [Latest Version]

 ppsspp gold apk is a PSP Emulator for Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry 10. ppsspp Gold Apk can be downloaded Easily. Let’s try to understand what exactly PPSSPP apk means. PPSSPP is basically an acronym for PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably. It was founded by Henrik Rydgard.PPSSPP gold apk v1.4-2 is available in 38 different languages and was first introduced in 2012.

PPSSPP Gold Apk Download: The Video Game Console Emulator

We now know that PPSSPP Gold Apk is a video game console emulator. A game emulator is basically a software which allows the computing device to imitate the function of a game’s hardware and play its games. They also contain other features like giving access to cheat codes, a better quality of gaming, a control over timescale and a greater performance in the game.

PPSSPP Gold Apk runs a lot of games. It is the best The Video Game Console Emulator. available in the android market.

Download Latest version of PPSSPP Gold Apk:

The latest version of PPSSPP Gold Apk fixes various issues.

PPSSPP Gold app/apk fixes various hangs in the fields of music and similar issues related to it. There is also the audio reverb support and there are a lot of performance improvements. The volume setting is also back in action and there are combo keys too. This version of emulator sorts out all the graphics related issues and crashes. In fact it’s the best and only PSP emulator for Android.



PPSSPP Gold Apk emulator also helps move the PSP display on larger screens and it has got GLSL shader cache to lessen the faltering in the game. Not to forget, it has AdHoc port offset and it can support another HD REMASTER. PPSSPP gold APK can get connected to any Wi-Fi or data available and play online games. We can also use the option of customization to regulate the on-screen touch controls. This emulator is also compatible with an external control or a keyboard and the best part is we can continue the game from where we have left as we can save the game and play later. The best feature of this emulator is it is easy to adopt and it is really very comfortable to play video games on this interface.

Now, PPSSPP gold apk v1.4-2 runs a lot of games as we know but it really depends on the PC if you are looking for agility. The mechanism of using the emulator is simple. All we have to do is just change the real PSP game and convert them into.ISO or. CSO files.

Download the PPSSPP Gold Apk file:

Now let us proceed to how we can download the PPSSPP Gold Apk file. Apk is basically an apt PSP emulator for Android.



We have to first download the PPSSPP Gold Apk app from the Google Play Store and move the file to an external memory folder. We have to actually install the app on a PC or a laptop or whichever is comfortable. Then, you have to enable the Unknown Sources option from the Settings and Security menu. This will allow the particular Android device to run the Apk application. Once you are done with downloading the apk application, complete the necessary procedures like agreeing to the terms and conditions etc. Then add the Apk application to your Apps menu and you can start using the app to play games.

The only negative issue is that it does not actually come with games.


This is all about PPSSPP Gold Apk emulator. I hope this article has helped you to broaden your horizons about a video console emulator and which emulator is the best one for Android devices. If there are any queries regarding the download of PPSSPP apk, you can clarify by commenting in the comments section and I hope you find my article useful. Thanks for reading the article. Enjoy The app.

Lucky Patcher For Pc : Download For Windows 8, 8.1,10 [Latest Version]

Lucky Patcher For Pc:Lucky patcher is very popular application available in google play store which is generally installed in android devices. The best feature of this application is, with out cracking the it modifies the application as per requirement on android device. We have observed many reviews that, even this application runs fine in computers also. So in this article we are sharing the information regarding lucky patcher for pc, installation steps. If you are having an android phone it is very simple to download this app and also it is for free of cost. Developers added some other additional features in order to enhance the performance. You feel very comfortable, if you install this application in your PC of windows XP, 7, 8, VISTA, or MAC operating systems.


Download Lucky Patcher For Pc

Lucky patcher for PC windows or MAC permits to install third party applications as stock system apps on your device. You can apply different patches on your application as per availability and you can install the modded APK apps on your device with features unlocked. With the use lucky patcher for pc you can break the link between the app and google play store in order to not receiving the automatic update installations. You can also backup the APK files with the use of this lucky patcher application and it can also detect the malware untrustworthy apps on your device which are harmful. People are familiar with the installation process of this app for android devices but they have been searching the process of installation for PC. Whatever the features provided with the app for android, lucky patcher for PC come up with the same features. Your computer must turned into android device as to use the lucky patcher application. For that you have to install an emulator which converts pc to android device and you can bypass the security codes of the application also get the license numbers to unlock the full versions. By following the below listed steps you can easily install this app in your laptop or computer.

How To Install Lucky Patcher For Pc

  1. To install the lucky patcher application in your PC, it must contain a android emulator, for that you have to download android emulator like blue stacks.
  2. After downloading the blue stacks you have to select the current operating system of your computer and install the blue stacks app.
  3. You will find lot of features on homepage of this tool, search for lucky patcher.
  4. Then download the APK file of the lucky patcher, install it on emulator.
  5. You will find an icon of lucky patcher on blue stacks tool, click on the icon and run that application on your PC finally.

Pc Systems Requirements:

  1. RAM should be 512 MB.
  2. Must contain good graphic driver.
  3. MS windows of 7/8/8.1/XP/VISTA(32 bit/64 bit)
  4. MAC OS X V10.6.


With this article we can conclude that the lucky patcher is not only compatible for android device also for computers. Here we tried to explain the procedure of installing the app in your personal computer. We hope you are now familiar with the procedure, if you feel any difficulty in installing post your valuable comments below so that we can get back to you soon.

Lucky Patcher Apk for Android

Lucky Patcher is a step ahead in relation to all other apps which gives you the lease to do control your app entirely which you have installed on your android devices. As you take total control of your apps, Lucky Patcher also adds to the charm by giving you a form of governance over your phone. One can get rid of the pop-up advertisements, alter the permissions and it does not stop there. One can also create a backup of other apps. Lucky Patcher once installed and opened, provides you with a list of all the downloaded apps on a silver platter. If you have any changes in mind, all you need to do is to click on the particular app and a list of options including the entire information, remove unwanted data and create backups .Yet  Lucky Patcher has a drawback, it is not available on Google play store, Thus most users are taking up the offline steps to download this amazing invention as who does not like to take control of things, especially on your smartphone?

lucky patcher apk for android

lucky-patcher-apkA few of the vast number of features of this app include the following:

lucky Patcher app helps in getting rid of all the annoying pop-up           advertisements that come up on your screen while browsing

• The app also deletes all the verified licensed which is a paid version of your app.

• It allows you to keep a backup of all the apps which are installed on your smartphone.
• Lucky Patcher has proved to be very user-friendly due to its easy installation.
• Its ulterior motive remains to control all your apps on your device without any issue.
• Available are also a lot of tools to manage your apps.


Lucky Patcher apk allows you to avail free in-app purchases and install modded play store. The only requirement of Lucky Patcher is that one needs to have a rooted device
There are also colour codes available which point out the compatibility with the tools and lets you know the specific operations that you can perform.

Steps to Download Lucky Patcher Apk:

-Download the Lucky Patcher Apk
-Now go to Settings> Security/ General> enable “Unknown Sources” installation option
(This allows your device to run the downloaded Apk file).
-Double tap on the file and click on the Install button shown in the popup box.
-Once complete, agree to the terms & conditions by scrolling down the page.

-Once the Lucky Patcher App is installed you will automatically be notified.



Once all the steps are complete, the Lucky Patcher app is now ready to use and you can now be the boss of your own Android device as you now have full power to alter any app settings, clear cache, and access other tools that was not possible earlier. Lucky Patcher now enables you to hack more Android apps and games.


Lucky Patcher is an app that is highly recommended to patch other apps.
It’s an app where you can see a list of many apps that is installed on your machine.   You just have to tap on one of them in order to see the available options including getting a look at the apps information and then install it. You can also delete some data which additional and also get an access to other tools. It even allows you to create an APK which is modified according to what you want and how you may want to control the specific apps on your Android device.


Lucky Patcher version 6.3.8 has the following updated features:


  • Android Patch for CM14 on ARM64 is fixed.
  • Exposed modules on the valid firmware’s have been fixed.
  • The translations have been updated.
  • A few bugs have been fixed.
Lucky Patcher © 2016 lucky patcher no root